Cancer & Outshining It

To outshine any challenge, even cancer, can be done. It is not always easy but applying the right tools will help you to learn, grow, and find peace and joy.

Excerpt: I faced my diagnosis of cancer by using the same coping methods I have used throughout my life. I grew up in an alcoholic family where I was not immune to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. My methods to survive and rise above this frightening and oppressive environment were to use positive affirmations, put my trust in God, and have a burning desire to
live free of those types of people and behaviors. Then and now, I surround myself with family (some of whom I adopted) and friends who can be powerful sources of strength and love.

I learned from my grandmother and adopted aunt that attitude, acceptance, and determination are important factors in healing the body, mind, and spirit. Those women were, and still are today, wonderful role models
for me. They each succeeded in living healthy and productive lives through their positive attitudes, looking at life on earth as a stepping-stone to an even greater place. They worked hard and saw each obstacle as a challenge. Thanks to them, I have always used the word challenge instead of problem, test, or trial. I like challenges because I envision positivity, winning, learning, and growing.

The book is now in pre-sale. All proceeds go to ovarian cancer research.

Thank you for your support.


If you were to create a quilt with each patch representing your life, what would it look like? Would you have the patches represent the lows as well as the highs of your life? Would it show mistakes or failures? What colors would you choose? Would you include lessons you learned, role models who influenced you, or life-changing events?

My life quilt’s background is of many colors. My patches include a central patch with a heart representing my wonderful husband. I have a square of just black, which represents the child abuse. It is small now though it was quite large earlier in life. There are squares for my 3 sons, 8 grandchildren, and 1 for my great grandson. I danced (not always smoothly or easily) through the storm of cancer. Earning my master’s degree was an important goal that impacted my career. Aunt Arleigh has always been an inspiration and there for me. The four stars represent steps in my growing faith and spiritual path from childhood to now.

Writing this blog stimulated my imagination and many memories. Have you begun to design the quilt of your life? I encourage you to do so because it will put your life in perspective, give you a symbolic way to look at it, and for others to perhaps learn something new about you. Just know you can always add or take off a patch. No matter what, the quilt is YOU; that special gift from God.


I originally wrote this blog in late August with the intention of posting it on September 1st. However, health issues changed my energy, concentration, and ability to do my usual activities. I believe I am now truly back.

The month of September symbolizes a time to make changes by improving oneself, finding forgiveness, and doing what is best for the soul. As I reflected on what the month symbolizes, I prayed about the things I needed to change that are obstacles to my growth and well-being.

The colors of autumn are vibrant and up lifting. Red symbolizes passion and desire, orange represents positivity, and yellow means happiness. The season of autumn also represents the impermanence of life. Therefore, it is important and healthy to embrace the present. There will always be changes which challenge us to live life to its fullest every day, every moment.

Thank you for being my fellow traveler in this journey of life. Your support and kind words are uplifting, inspiring, and informative.