I originally wrote this blog in late August with the intention of posting it on September 1st. However, health issues changed my energy, concentration, and ability to do my usual activities. I believe I am now truly back.

The month of September symbolizes a time to make changes by improving oneself, finding forgiveness, and doing what is best for the soul. As I reflected on what the month symbolizes, I prayed about the things I needed to change that are obstacles to my growth and well-being.

The colors of autumn are vibrant and up lifting. Red symbolizes passion and desire, orange represents positivity, and yellow means happiness. The season of autumn also represents the impermanence of life. Therefore, it is important and healthy to embrace the present. There will always be changes which challenge us to live life to its fullest every day, every moment.

Thank you for being my fellow traveler in this journey of life. Your support and kind words are uplifting, inspiring, and informative.



The Covid-19, has brought and continues to bring change to everyone in the world. We each have the choice to follow the recommendations of the CDC and our state’s mandates or not.

To embrace or adapt to change, we must first start with ourselves.

We each need our areas of sanctuary, safety, or peace. Call it whatever is right for you. My areas are my faith, husband and family, friends, meditative times, gardening, and enjoying the warmth of the sun. These are my anchors that keep me from sadness or anger. They help me to accept the world I now live in.

When we adapt to or embrace the new world, we let go of fear, make healthier and safer decisions for ourselves, and we find peace. We now can reach out to others with kinder hearts, help those in need, and be supportive of those who are struggling. Thanks to Pinterest for this perfect quote as illustrated.

Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder describes how a more meaningful and fulfilling life can be created out of tremendously challenging times or events.

Eternal Road by John W. Howell is a story of good versus evil, of eternity, and of human choices that could destroy the world.

With Covid-19 we have gone through doom and gloom, but it has also brought out the good in people: volunteers providing food, making and giving away face masks, creative ways businesses are serving their customers through curbside pick-ups, separating tables 6 feet apart, free home delivery of groceries, communicating more with Zoom and Face Time, neighbors sharing food, creative ways kids are being educated at home, and so much more.

How have you adapted to our changing world? Please share some examples of how you have changed, seen people reaching out to others, strengths and adaptability of yourself or others. Please share in the comment section. We can all learn from one another. Thank you.