Welcome to today’s blog. Once again I am sharing a short story or a flash fiction based on a photo prompt. Author, Suzanne Burke offers these challenges and everyone is welcome to participate.

Here is the photo prompt for this week:

The beautiful photo was the inspiration for the Tanka poem I wrote. A Tanka poem is a form of Japanese poetry consisting of 31 syllables divided by 5-7-5-7-7, creating a flowing story without pause.

I invite you to let your creative juices flow by writing a short story, a poem, or a one-liner inspired by the posted photo. Check out the details at This is not a contest, but an opportunity to share your gift of writing and creativity.

Did my Tanka poem and photo prompt inspire, excite, or give you joy and peace? I welcome your thoughts. Please leave a comment below. Thank you.

14 thoughts on “FICTION IN A FLASH CHALLENGE #14

  1. Thanks so much for yet another wonderful contribution, Karen. It’s such a pleasure to showcase works of this quality. I’ve just shared it on the Challenge site.


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