Sometimes our paths are full of sharp stones…we might feel physical, emotional, or spiritual pain as we travel this path. With each step we have the choices:

  • Put on shoes that will protect our feet (symbolically shoes that give us security, assuredness, or strength)
  • Use a walking stick or cane (symbolically giving us balance and protection)
  • Find a smoother path (choose to change your behavior, thoughts, and emotions that might be causing you pain).

Our path may be steep and rugged, leaving us tired and breathless.

  • We exhaust ourselves in every aspect by trying to live a life that might not be right for us.
  • Perhaps we have taken a path because of family or social pressure.
  • Or, we have chosen the path because we see great financial rewards that might be hard to ignore.
  • It is time to choose a path that fills our souls with joy and completeness regardless of what other people may say or the financial rewards.

If a giant boulder appears in our path we may want to give-up

  • One must understand what the boulder represents: fear of failure or fear of ridicule.
  • Is the boulder removable by changing our fear into believing in ourselves?
  • Is there a path around the boulder…perhaps find support from others

When there is a fork in the road, we must make a decision that can cause fear and hesitancy. We might ask ourselves if we choose the wrong path.

  • I might learn from choosing a path that is not the right one…that is okay.
  • I might learn that another path was the right one…and that is okay also.
  • If we learn something good from each path…then that is good.

Throughout our lives, we will walk many paths. Each path will have a purpose: something for us to learn. The purpose of each path is to make us kinder, more generous, and more loving individuals if we learn to use our inner strengths. We can reach our mountaintops if we take each step with openness to learning and love for ourselves and others as the purpose.

Follow your dream…take the steps. Achieve your dreams by climbing to the top of your mountain which is your fulfilled life.

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