Davida: Model & Mistress

  • Davida Johnson Clark was my great-grandmother.
  • She was born Albertina Hultgren in Sweden.
  • She became a model for Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and later his mistress.

For more information go to https://radio-joyonpaper.com/author-interview-karen-ingalls. Listen to my interview at http://Listen to PatZi’s Interview with Karen Ingalls

Here are just three of his famous works for which she modeled. The first one is Diana which was atop Madison Square Garden. It is currently at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

This is the Shaw Memorial found in Boston Commons. My great-grandmother was the model for the angel.


Amor Caritas is not in the Museum D’Orsay

I am very proud of the artistic talents of my great-grandfather. Davida and Augustus never married but had one child, my grandfather. In the 1890s, he was considered a bastard and shunned by society. He lived in shame though he was devoted to his mother.

By writing this book through the eyes of Davida, I tried to bring dignity to the love my great-grandparents had for one another. I hope my book has alleviated my grandfather’s shame in some way.


This historical novel is available on Amazon. All proceeds go to gynecologic cancer research.

4 thoughts on “Davida: Model & Mistress

  1. I remember this story well, Karen. It touched me deeply and helped me understand my mom’s hidden shame. I was conceived before my parents married, and in those days, that was looked down upon. Without many recourses, my mom founded a home for unwed pregnant women and through the local churches, she collected clothing for the babies and the moms. All this, while raising seven kids of her own. I look back amazed by the gift of life she provided to so many. ❤️


    1. Thank you, Gwen, for sharing about your mother. I think every woman (and man) has a unique story to tell from which we all could learn. Sorry for the delay in responding. We have had out-of-state family here. Busy and fun.


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