Welcome to this week’s blog. I am happy to see you here and I hope that you are doing well. Author Suzanne Burke has presented another photo prompt to stimulate a poem, Haiku, or short story. Everyone is welcome to enter the challenge.


Matt had all the money one person could ever want or need. He inherited his parent’s fortune and estate where he lived alone in the 5-bedroom, 6-bath home complete with a swimming pool, putting green, and tennis court on forty acres of woods.

He wore gold necklaces, a Rolex watch, and a gold bracelet. His hair was always perfectly cut, he wore the finest designer clothes and drove the latest Porsche model. All the gold could not buy Matt’s happiness. He was too much like his father who treated Matt’s mother cruelly and lived by his version of the Golden Rule: he who has the gold rules.

One evening, Matt and his father were driving the windy road leading to the estate. They both were drunk and were going too fast. Matt lost control of the car, went down a 50-foot embankment, and crashed into a large pine tree. Matt was thrown from the car but his father was trapped and died in the burning car.

Matt was haunted by nightmares and blamed himself for the accident. His only way of coping was to lash out even more at others, especially women. His sadistic actions often left the women with bruises. He would charm them at first flashing his money and buying them expensive gifts. However, when he made sexual demands on them that they did not agree to, he lashed out with intense anger.

Deep in the pine forest of his estate, he had a treehouse built. It was charming and comfortable though not large or ostentatious. Many were the nights that women screamed from pain or ran down the swinging bridge to escape Matt’s anger. 

One stormy night, one young woman ran screaming from the treehouse. Matt laughed at her as he watched her scramble through the forest half-naked. “Good riddance,” he yelled from the small balcony.

When he went back into the treehouse, he began to hear the sounds of many women and his father screaming, “help me.” He looked around the room, but no one was there. The screams grew louder.

Matt ran to the door but it was locked and there was no escaping the living nightmare. He covered his ears and ran into the bedroom, but the screams could not be stopped. The wind howled and the tree branches tore at the little cabin. Like giant hands, they pushed and pulled until the tree house crumbled and fell to the ground. Matt was trapped under the timbers and could not move. His cries for help went unheard. For days and nights, he laid there, suffering from physical pain and hearing the non-stop screams.

He died alone with only his gold necklace around his neck which now brought him no comfort or joy.

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    1. Jan, as you know this is not typical of my writing, but it was a story that needed to be told. Unfortunately, there are too many people who live by “he who has the gold, rules.” Thank you, Jan for sharing your thoughts.


  1. Wow…what a powerful story, Karen. It certainly captures the notion of Karma and brings home that we all travel alone to face our Creator. ♥

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    1. This story is based on a man I knew who lived by that version of the golden rule. He was not as bad as the character, Matt, but he was an unlikeable sort. I do believe what we sow, so shall we reap. Thanks for the comment, Gwen.

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      1. Thanks for this contribution, Karen. ‘what we sow, so shall we reap.’ The Karma bus doesn’t run on a timetable. I hope you find next week’s image also inspires you. 😊


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